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Dopady cezhraničnej interakcie z pohľadu aktérov cezhraničnej spolupráce


Martin Lačný - Anna Polačková - Michal Cirner - Gabriel Székely


Politické vedy, Volume 25, Number 3/2022, pages 127-159


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LAČNÝ, M.–POLAČKOVÁ, A.-CIRNER, M. –SZÉKELY, G. 2022.Dopady cezhraničnej interakcie z pohľadu aktérov cezhraničnej spolupráce. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 25,no. 3, pp. 127-159. ISSN 1335–2741.Available at: 






Cross-border cooperation represents a "laboratory" of the international integration process, in which synergy is created between the diverse political, economic, cultural and social characteristics of the actors involved. The present paper examines perceptions of local cross-border cooperation actors in Slovak-Ukrainian borderlands. It is aimed 1) to identify their perceptions regarding the impact of more intensive cross-border interaction and expected impacts of the Association Agreement and 2) to verify the relationship between their views on the effects of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement implementation, as well as on deepening cross-border interaction and their tendency to perceive the EU, Ukraine or Slovakia as reliable partners. The empirical research and the statistical analysis were based on the approach proven within the EXLINEA research project. The results have revealed that the more intensive cross-border interaction has, as perceived by local actors on both sides of the border, a rather positive impact on borderlands. At the same time, perceptions regarding the reliability of Ukraine's partnership with Slovakia and the EU are seen as relatively significant correlates of attitudes of local cross-border cooperation actors. Namely, their attitudes to the effects of cross-border economic interaction, cross-border cooperation and the impacts of the Association Agreement implementation.

Key words: Cross-border Interaction, Cross-border Cooperation, Association Agreement, Perception, Ukraine, Slovakia


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