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Komparace regulativních opatření lobbingu v Maďarsku a Polsku


Karolina Tichá 


Politické vedy, Volume 18, Number 1/2015, pages 34-56  

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TICHÁ, K. 2015. Komparace regulativních opatření lobbingu v Maďarsku a Polsku. In Politické vedy. [online]. Roč. 18, č. 1, 2015. ISSN 1335 – 2741, s. 34-56. Dostupné na internete:<>. 



Presented study focuses on lobbying as a political activity and the emergence of lobbying regulation. The main topic is the analysis of the lobbying regulations adopted in Hungary and Poland. On the basis of pre-selected standards (definition of the lobbyist and lobbying, system of registration, rights and obligations of lobbying actors, mechanism of control and the sanctions), both models are compared and their functional force and efficiency is evaluated as well. To maintain the highest possible objectivity of the article is this one value-neutral and scientific anchoring based on empirical – analytical approach. It also corresponds to the used methodology, which includes the description, analysis, synthesis, comparison and generalization. Final comparison showed that there is a accordance among existing regulation of lobbying in these two countries, but it is very small. Poland is closest to a comprehensive treatment, which has the highest qualitative shift from zero regulation following the law about the lobbying. It is rather vague on the issue of lobbying treated extensively, and many measures completely omitted. This law is rather vague on the issue of lobbying and treated it extensively, and many measures are completely omitted. On the other hand the definition of lobbying subjects is so specific that a significant portion of the essence is not covered. However, according to the evaluation methods of CPI is this law labeled as weak, it provides a workable basis for future
novelizations and streamlining. Hungary is at similar path as Poland, but government acceded to the nest regressive step, once they have adopted the law on lobbying, which has been in its present form the CPO methodology assessed as moderately regulated system derogated by the partial Law on public participation in the preparation of legislation and government regulations by which to the comprehensive regulation of lobbying basically responded.

Key words: lobbying regulations, Hungary, Poland, The Act of Law on the Lobbying Activity in the Legislative Process, Act no. XLIX. of 2005, Act. No. CXXXI of 2010, Government regulation 176/2006, Government regulation 50/2013

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