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Ekonomická diplomacia v energetickom sektore v blízkom okolí Východnej Európy


Dorin Dusciac - Alexandrina Robu


Politické vedy, Volume 22, Number 2/2019, pages 42-60


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DUSCIAC, D. -ROBU, A. 2019. Economic Diplomacy in the Energy Sector in EU´s Eastern Vicinity. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 22, No. 2, 2019. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 42-60. Available at: 



European Union’s energy security strategy towards its Eastern European neighbours stems out of direct application of EU procedures, directives and regulations in non-EU states. Economic diplomacy tactics used by the European Union in its Eastern vicinity is a vector of positive social and environmental change, as modification of the energy mix and enhancing energy efficiency measures will contribute to these countries’ successful energy transition and improvement of environmental indicators, and will lower end-user tariffs. In this article, we discuss the pattern observed during the past years in the implementation of provisions included in the Third Energy Package by non-EU contracting parties (specifically, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) to the Energy Community. The impact of functional unbundling of energy operators and liberalization of energy markets in these Eastern Partnership member states is analysed. Russia’s direct implication in internal matters related of the energy sector in these EaP countries is part of a bigger state of play, implemented over the past decades as a tool of geopolitical competition in this region. Overall, predictable business environment combined with harmonised legislation complying with the EU energy acquis ensures energy security and allows for political stabilization, thus tackling the challenges of Russia’s influence in Eastern Europe.


Key words: Economic diplomacy, Energy security, Eastern Partnership, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Third Energy Package, Energy Community


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