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Československo a argentinská vojenská junta 1976 – 1983: nepřátelé nebo spojenci?


Michal Zourek


Politické vedy, Volume 19, Number 1/2016, pages 207-223

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ZOUREK, M. 2016. Československo a argentinská vojenská junta 1976 – 1983: nepřátelé nebo spojenci?. In Politické vedy. [online]. Roč. 19, č. 1, 2016. ISSN 1335 – 2741, s. 207-223. Dostupné na internete:<>.



The study analyses the political and economic relations between Czechoslovakia and Argentina during the military junta of 1976–1983. Taking into account the specific situation surrounding Czechoslovak foreign policy, attention is also paid to the position of the Soviet Union which had at that time a key influence on the policy of Prague. The main source consists of documents from Czech archives. They clearly show that the countries of the Eastern Bloc took a benevolent, even friendly attitude towards the Argentine military junta. This manifested itself for example, during the Falkland War with Great Britain, when Czechoslovakia, like other Eastern Bloc states, stood on the side of Argentina. The reason for this policy, which was in great contrast with the attitude towards the dictatorship in neighbouring Chile, was mainly the economic potential of the South American country. At that time Argentina became the largest economic partner of Czechoslovakia in Latin America. The majority of Czechoslovak exports consisted of machinery. One of the greatest achievements was the installation of several thermal and hydroelectric power plants. The present analysis of the contacts between Czechoslovakia and Argentina in the years 1976–1983 will contribute to the hitherto little examined issues of foreign policy of communist Czechoslovakia. At the same time, the study should help to create an understanding of the complexity of the relations between the Eastern Bloc and Latin America during the Cold War.

Key words: Czechoslovakia, Argentina, International Relations, Cold War, Military dictatorship, Falklands War

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