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Nástroje detekce radikalizace v kontextu ochrany demokracie

Nástroje detekce radikalizace v kontextu ochrany demokracie


Štěpán Strnad


Politické vedy, Volume 26, Number 1/2023, pages 63-94


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STRNAD, Š. 2023. Nástroje detekce radikalizace v kontextu ochrany demokracie. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 63-94. ISSN 1335 – 2741. Available at: 



The article tries to evaluate the state of professional development and conceptualization of the issue of violent radicalization with the use of used diagnostic tools for detection of the process of violent radicalization. The author compares the selected models of radicalization and selected tools of radicalization detection used in prisons, while evaluating their application positives and negatives and drawing attention to their specific aspects of practical applicability of security practices. The theoretical framing of the chosen phenomenon of radicalization is based on the political-legal concept of militant democracy, the elements of which are applied to varying degrees in the anti-extremist and anti-radicalization policy of the states of Central Europe, including the Czech Republic. The aim of the contribution is a comparative analysis of the selected detection tools at the micro level, specifically the so-called structured protocols for assessing the risk of extremist violence. The author aims to provide a comprehensive and comparative overview of selected tools used in risk assessment through three dimensions: (1) the purpose of the tools; 2) basic methodology and structure of tools; and (3) the practical results of using these tools. Despite the use of radicalization identification tools, this method of evaluating predispositions to violent extremism is still in its infancy. Reflecting on the research questions raised, we can summarize that the purpose of the compared detection tools is the detection of risk levels that have led or could lead to violent extremism or terrorism in a person serving a sentence.

Key words: Radicalization, Extremism, Militant Democracy, Detection Tools

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