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Turbulencia, Európska susedská politika a európska identita



Gilles Rouet


Politické vedy, Volume 17, Number 2/2014, pages 9-27 

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ARNOULT, J. 2014. Turbulences, European Neighbourhood Policy and European Identitiy. In Politické vedy. [online]. Roč. 17, č. 2, 2014. ISSN 1335 – 2741, s. 9-27. Dostupné na internete: <>. 


Since 2004, the European Neighbourhood Policy has established cooperation instruments similar to those of the pre-accession policy, which has contributed to a major misunderstanding, because the countries concerned, i.e. new neighbouring partners, were not intended to fully integrate with the EU. But now, this policy created in a context of relative stability in partner countries must change radically its contours. The Arab Springs and the Georgian and Ukrainian revolutions, the political developments in Russia, in particular, the overcoming of opposition between deepening and enlargement while European citizens withdraw into a national level, induce a radical change of the choices in matter of EU foreign policy. The construction of EU is in progress both inside and outside, because our neighbours are like our mirrors and our relationships contribute to the evolution of our European feeling. In this context, it is very important to propose selected elements about the European neighbourhood. What is new?


Key words: European Neighbourhood Policy, European Identity, European Citizenship, Europeanity

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