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Marginalizácia na základe veku v politickom diskurze o kríze .


Katarína Chovancová


Politické vedy, Volume 24, Number 2/2021, pages 147-173


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Chovancová. K. 2021. Age-Based Marginalization in Political Discourse about Crisis. In Politické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 24, No. 2, 2021. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 147-173. Available at: 





The paper raises the issue of age-based marginalization reoccurring in political discourse produced by political elites in the time of the pandemic crisis. Discursive identity of the elderly population in a central European post-election spacetime is under focus, within a framework of theories of discourse in crisis. Lexicometric analysis of core media coverage of political discourse in Slovakia carried out upon the corpus of mainstream electronic press and a reading of its results is the objective of the empirical part of the study. The scope is to put forward a critical insight into short-term evolution of dominant vocabulary item series and into collocation patterns stressing the connotative features of prominent elements of discourse co-created by political and mediatic actors. The results show recurrent denomination practices with a strong tendency towards negative connotative load of dominant label words. Individual and group identities deserve to be further studied as socially undermined discursive constructs accessible through selected discrete elements.

Key words: discourse, discourse analysis, marginalization, lexicometry, media


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