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Vztahy Československa a Uruguaye v průběhu 20. století


Michal Zourek


Politické vedy, Volume 19, Number 3/2016, pages 75-99

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ZOUREK, M. 2016. Vztahy Československa a Uruguaye v průběhu 20. století. In Politické vedy. [online]. Roč. 19, č. 3, 2016. ISSN 1335–2741, s. 75-99. Dostupné na internete: <>.



This article analyses the political and economic relations between Czechoslovakia and Uruguay during the 20th century. The main objective is to interpret unpublished Czech and foreign archives. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1921 and have never been suspended. The interwar period was marked by efforts to intensify and legally bolster trade between the two nations. During the Second World War, Uruguay actively spoke out in favour of occupied Czechoslovakia. This friendly attitude was often mentioned by Prague in subsequent years. During the Cold War, the foreign policy of Czechoslovakia was relatively coherent. In contrast, the foreign political orientation of Uruguay was characterized by discontinuity.Uruguay and also other countries of Latin America would generally prefer business contacts to diplomatic ones. The business exchange was therefore the main factor which was influencing the level and character of the mutual relations. An intensive exchange between both states was going on even in the period of the military anti-Communist regime in Uruguay (1973–1985). The end of the Cold War and the change in foreign policy orientation of Czechoslovakia (from 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) resulted in a decline in interest in contacts not only with Uruguay, but also the entire region of Latin America.

Key words: 20th Century, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, Latin America, International Relations

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