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Holistická kompetencia vodcovstva a riadiacich subjektov


Jan Porvaznik - Ivana Ljudvigova - Andrea Čajková


Politické vedy, Volume 21, Number 2/2018, pages 56-77


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PORVAZNIK, J –LJUDVIGOVA, I. –ČAJKOVÁ, A. 2018. Holistic Competence of Leadership and Managerial Subjects. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 21, No. 2, 2018. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 56-77. Available at:  



The holistic competence of governing subjects is determined by level 1 (extent of their knowledge (KQ)) about individual types of environment on each equifinal part ofthe planet´s structure, level 2 (extent of their application skills (AQ)) or the ability to put the acquired knowledge to use, level 3 (extent of their social maturity (SQ)) explaining for whom and how the knowledge and skills are put to use. The three levels can be put to use for oneself, for the closest relatives and fellows, or in favour of all people at different societal levels –HQ = KQ, AQ, SQ. The purpose of the paper is to present methodological basis and the accomplished results of research oriented on professional knowledge, application skills and social maturity, elements forming the holistic competence of leadership and managerial subjects. The main goal of the research was thereafter to investigate the degree (level) of importance of the individual pillars (parts) of holistic competence of managerial subjects on a sample of three groups of respondents, and in accordance to this identify the degree (level) of contemporary social maturity from the perspective of the long-term sustainable development. (Objective) The sample basis for survey related to the research was 300 respondents –102 managers, 110 fulltime students and 88 parttime students. The research focused on 4 key elements of knowledge intelligence (objects of work and management, managerial functions, information for management and systems of management), 4 elements of application skills (communication, motivation, team work and self-management and social maturity, constituting of 8 personal qualities (character, will, cogniton, creativity, temperament, emotions, somatics –physical and intellectual). The respondents expressed their opinion about all 3 pillars and ordered the pillars by importance and significance for contemporary, future and sustainable development. (Scope) The results of the research named several areas and elements that will be essential for staffing of administrative and managerial positions. (Findings) Moreover, the results can be applied for staffing purposes at universities and within advanced education during professional career. (Conclusion)


Key words: holistic competence, leadership, management

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