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Geopolitické záujmy Ruskej federácie v Afrike


Vojtech Jurčák - Ján Marek


Politické vedy, Volume 23, Number 4/2020, pages 196-212


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Vojtech Jurčák – Ján Marek. 2020. The Russian Geopolitical Interests in Africa. In Politické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 23, No. 4, 2020. ISSN 1335 – 2741, pp. 196-212. Available at: DOI: 




The 21st century is largely influenced by the globalization of the world, where the great powers are struggling to advance their interests. The African continent has become a strategic place thanks to the reserves of mineral resources, but also demographic development. Russia, like other powers, is trying to advance its interests in Africa with both hard and soft power. The objective of the research was to find out, based on available information, how Russia is gradually overcoming the negative consequences of its withdrawal from Africa after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the promotion of its interests on the continent. In our research, we focused on Russia's geopolitical interests in Africa and the main components of Russian influence in Africa. We compiled a list of Russian geopolitical interests in Africa, and then analysed the political, military-political, economic, and humanitarian components. In the last part, we evaluated the results of the Russian-African summit, which took place in October 2019 in Sochi. Russia is trying to have a position in Africa as it was during the Cold War, but the volume of mutual financing of trade lags far behind the great powers, finally the Russian-African cooperation can significantly affect international relations and the development of the international security environment. The results of the research are useful in determining the international community's policy towards Africa, with an emphasis on the political, military-political, economic and humanitarian components.


Key Words: Russia, Africa, International Security Environment, Components, Geopolitical Interest.

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