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Vodcovské zručnosti v komunálnej politike


Nadežda Jankelová - Zuzana Joniaková - Andrea Čajková - Anita Romanová


Politické vedy, Volume 24, Number 1/2021, pages 181-204


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Nadežda Jankelová –Zuzana Joniaková –Andrea Čajková –Anita Romanová.2021.Vodcovské zručnosti v komunálnej politike. In Politické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 24,No. 1, 2021. ISSN 1335–2741, pp.181-204. Available at: DOI: 




Municipal management and its leadership competencies are becoming an important factor in the development of municipalities and regions. The aim of the paper is to identify those managerial skills that lead to job satisfaction in the environment of municipal and local government authorities. The quantitative survey was carried out by a questionnaire on a sample of 110 top municipal managers and employees of the offices managed by these managers. The questionnaires were processed in SPSS v.23 and Open Office Calc. Descriptive statistics tools such as mean, median, minimum and maximum values in the set of values, standard deviation, quartiles were used. The CART (classification and regression tree) decision tree method was used to identify differences in managerial skills in relation to employee satisfaction. SPSS and Apache OpenOffice Calc were used to process the outputs. The main finding of research is that job satisfaction is related primarily to the use of the ability to argue and, secondly, to the use of persuasion. In terms of leadership, the predominant style of managers is consultative, but differences in employee satisfaction have been identified in the orientation of managers on either tasks or performance or on workplace relationships. Managers whose subordinates declared job satisfaction are mainly oriented towards workers and relationships with them. Managers of the second group are characterized by lower adaptation of tasks and lower accessibility to subordinates, e. g. orientation on tasks rather than on interpersonal relationships. Therefore, the use of entrepreneurial competences, communication skills, especially the ability to argue and to a lesser extent as well as the management of people oriented towards interpersonal relationships has a statistically significant impact on employees' job satisfaction.


Key words: Municipal management, leadership competencies, employees' job satisfaction, communalpolicy

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