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Spolupráca politických strán pri reforme verejnej správy v roku 1920


Marek Vrbinčík


Politické vedy, Volume 19, Number 2/2016, pages 90-111

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VRBINČÍK, M. 2016 Political Parties’ Collaboration on Public Administration Reform in 1920 In Politické vedy . [online]. Roč. 19 č. 2, 201 6. ISSN 1335-2741, s. 90-111.Dostupné na internete:< 2016marekvrbincik.html


After the establishment of inter war Czechoslovakia, the idea of consistent public ad ministration reform had strong support. The need for a uniform administrative organisation was recognised across the full political spectrum. Despite this common goal, when there was a codification of a so called County Act, there was not a consensus of al l political parties. Based on the content analysis of archival documents and the evaluation of defined indicators: participation in the final form of administrative reform, votes for or against the bill, status of the entity (coalition / opposition), speec hes in parliament and official / unofficial opinion, this is an attempt to clarify the attitudes of political parties to public administration reform. Presented results show that final version of administration organisation came from political approaches a nd we have created a new insight into pre Munich Czechoslovakia in the context of the promotion of party interests.

Key words: Czechoslovakia, public administration reform, the County Act, political parties, political discourse


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