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Politická dimenzia občianskej spoločnosti


Veronika Džatková


Politické vedy, Volume 21, Number 1/2018, pages 8-23


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DŽATKOVÁ, V. 2018. Politická dimenzia občianskej spoločnosti. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 21, No. 1, 2018. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 8-23. Available at:



One of the elementary conditions of modern democratic political system includes, among others, an active and powerful civil society which performs as an intermediary between the state and citizens. Based on the complexity of term, the article puts attention to the politological point of view to civil society which relates to different forms of political participation and civic activism, as well. Currently is the potential of active and powerful civil society supported by massive development of various information and communication technologies. In that context, the representatives of civil society with the help of information and communication technologies could create the background for empowering political participation and civic activism with the aim to have impact to the actors of decision making processes. The target of the article is, by using inductive and deductive reasoning, to analyse in the theoretical way the civil society with the attention to the one of the selected forms e-participation. The research confirmed that the e-participation acts as a one of the effective tools of social change which could overcome obstacles connected with participatory gap in the post-communist countries. Moreover, the results shown that the e-participation has inevitable position for empowering political activity among young generation. In that context, modern forms of political participation in the active civil society should be considered as inevitable parts for future modernisation processes in public policy.

Key words: civil society, political participation, civil activism, e-participation, social change


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