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Európska bezpečnosť z pohľadu OBSE


Samuel Goda - Klaudia Báňaiová


Politické vedy, Volume 21, Number 1/2018, pages 176-192

DOI: 192 

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GODA, S.-BÁŇAIOVÁ, K. 2018. Európska bezpečnosť z pohľadu OBSE. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 21, No. 1, 2018. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 176-192. Available at: http: //   



When it comes to institutional form of European security, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) plays a crucial role, side by side with other organization. Maybe it is due to the fact it is considered a “soft security” organization and it is not as mainstreamed as e.g. NATO or EU in certain cases. Hence this article provides a theoretical overview on the role and substance of the OSCE as such. The article re-introduces theoretical approach to the concept of security community developed by K. Deutsh and E. Adler and A. Barnett, and the OSCE assecurity-community building organization as it was developed in the past years. In addition, it mentions some the crucial topics for the OSCE in the near future that have the potential to shape not only the organization but the European security environment in general as well. The result show that not only OSCE as organization itself, but also the OSCE region faces unprecedent challenges, because basic standards of European security architecture is violated and challenged. The paper argues that OSCE still remains the organization which on the one hand aims at constantly pointing to standards of political behavior in the northern hemisphere and on the other OSCE creates conditions for creative thinking and adopting proposals for contours of European securityarchitecture as well.

Key words: OSCE, security community, soft security, european security, Ukraine

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