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Stredoafrická republika: Západ proti Rusku pri riešení konfliktu


Ivan Majchút


Politické vedy, Volume 25, Number 4/2022, pages 213-230


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MAJCHÚT, I. 2022. Central African Republic: The West Contra Russia in the Conflict Solution. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 213-230. ISSN 1335–2741. Available at: 





The Central African Republic, located in the central part of Africa, has been known for decades of conflict between the communities. Citizens of local communities first influenced the solution to the conflict. However, the mentioned country cannot solve it, and external actors must contribute to these processes. International organisations (United Nations, European Union, and African Union) and the powered world countries (the United States of America, China, and France) were also significant, active, and influential in this process. Russia obtained a unique position in the process. The present study attempted to critically evaluate this country's historical background, current conflict situation, and perspectives. The study aimed to answer the essential question of the external players, activities, and roles in the Central African Republic and asserted their interests in the mentioned region by the complex of general theoretical methods. Special attention was paid to Russian activities in this country. It is obvious that the mutual relations of external actors fundamentally influence the situation in the mentioned country. The conflict situation in the country was affected, is affected, and will be affected not only by inside processes but also by outside processes.

Key words: Central African Republic, External Actors, UN, EU, USA, Russia, China, France

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