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Možný pohľad Ruska na budúcu podobu vojny


Vojtech Jurčák - Ján Marek


Politické vedy, Volume 25, Number 3/2022, pages 62-86


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JURČÁK, V.–MAREK, J. 2022.Možný pohľad Ruska na budúcu podobu vojny. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 62-86. ISSN 1335–2741.Available at: 





Leading security experts warn the Western community about the correct understanding of Russia's vision of future conflicts. Based on the study of the available literature, we analyzed individual approaches and pointed out the importance of understanding Russia's individual steps to fulfill their interests. The aim of the research was to compare the approach of the Western Community and Russia to new ways of conducting future conflicts with an emphasis on the hybrid way of conducting war. In our research, we primarily focused on the Western vision of hybrid warfare and the Russian vision of the future war, which is diametrically different. The basic findings are that Russia is shaping military and non-military instruments of state power to combat hybrid threats. The Russian military defines "hybrid warfare" as an effort at the strategic level to shape, manage and geostrategically orient a target state, in which all means adopted, including the use of conventional military forces in regional conflicts, are the subject of an information campaign. Russia considers the Venezuelan presidential crisis, the Libyan conflict, the Syrian civil war, and the crisis in Belarus and Ukraine as examples of hybrid war. In conclusion, we assess that the Russian army is actively focusing on preparing for future conflicts and increasing the capabilities it considers necessary for victory in the hybrid war. In addition, we have compiled a list of measures to reassess the strategy and approach of the Western Community and Slovakia to Russia.

Key words: Future Conflicts,  Russia's Individual Steps, Hybrid War, Hybrid Warfare,Military Instrument


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