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Energetická závislost EU a Rusko


Milan Vošta


Politické vedy, Volume 22, Number 1/2019, pages 205-228


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VOŠTA, M. 2019. Energetická závislost EU a Rusko. In Politické vedy. [online]. Vol. 22, No. 1, 2019. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 205-228. Available at: 



Energy dependence of the world trade centres has been the subject of extensive research. With regard to the European Union, research questions have inevitably focused on the dominant role of Russia as its key supplier of primary energy sources, as well as on the inevitability of cooperation between Russia and the EU regarding fossil fuels supply. The present study addressed the issue ofenergy dependency in the European Union and provided a detailed analysis the role of Russia as the main supplier of the primary energy sources to the EU. Furthermore, the study highlighted the importance of mutual energy relations between the EU and Russia, which have wider consequences. Methodologically, the study analysed the current EU energy situation, accentuating the energy mix of the EU and a vision of the EU strategy. The limited production capacities of the EU together with the potential of provenprimary energy reserves were analysed. The Russian position including export orientation and the source possibilities were examined in a similar way. The synthesis of the findings evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of mutual cooperation for the EUand Russia. It can be said that due to high mutual dependency of both parties and not only in the energy segment, energy relations of the EU and Russia should fully continue to develop. This development can be expected due to the importance of energetics in the economic structure.

Key words: Energy, Energy Dependency, European Union, Russia, Export, Import, Energy Mix, Primary Energy Sources

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