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Globálna klimatická kríza a neoliberálny kapitalizmus: filozofická perspektíva


Peter Daubner – Róbert Mihály


Politické vedy, Volume 25, Number 1/2022, pages 8-48


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DAUBNER, P. – MIHÁLY, R. 2022. Globálna klimatická kríza a neoliberálny kapitalizmus: filozofická perspektíva. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 8-48. ISSN 1335 – 2741. Available at: 





Anthropocene, as scholars generally label the current era of human civilization, represents an environment in which the society, globally operating within the framework of neoliberal capitalism, is confronted with the global climate crisis. Consequently, the fundamental existential assumptions of the current economic-political system and global civilization are at stake. The paper aims to outline the philosophical background, threats and challenges of political philosophy in the anthropocene era; a philosophy, which is nevertheless able to reflect the relationship between global capitalism and the global environmental crisis in the 21st century. The study is constructed from post-Marxist, neo-Gramscian and neo-Malthusian political-philosophical positions and, in general, from the perspective of environmental alarmism, which is critical to established social, economic and political systems in terms of their long-term sustainability. We use the analytical method, and critical and normative-ontological approach in the study. We defend the hypothesis that the global environmental crisis and the probable global climate collapse cannot be sustainably solved within the logic of the established global economic system and its structural conditions. Therefore, global capitalism is unsustainable in the long run in all three of its components: environmental, social, and economic.

Key words: Global Climate Crisis, Neoliberal Capitalism, Global Warming, Anthropocene, Capitalocene

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