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Evropské četnické síly


Marek Rechtik - Miroslav Mareš


Politické vedy, Volume 23, Number 1/2020, pages 202-240


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RECHTIK, M.– MAREŠ, M. 2020. Evropské četnické síly. InPolitické Vedy. [online]. Vol. 23, No. 1, 2020. ISSN 1335–2741, pp. 202-240. Available at: 




Although EUROGENDFOR exists for more than a decade it remains relatively unknown organisation at least in the Czech Republic. The only exception are websites which have been continually spreading false information about this organisation. Therefore, the aim of this article is to present basic information about the organisation’s purpose, structure and activities but more importantly to assess EUROGENDFOR’s role in the field of international crisis management. Through the use of the concept of security gap, the authors analyse the capabilities of EUROGENDFOR forces for dealing with problems emerging in destabilized and post-conflict environments. EUROGENDFOR forces are robust units able to perform all police tasks which makes them the most suitable for operating in chaotic post-conflict areas. The added value of EUROGENDFOR is that it provides these forces with operational structure enabling them to rapidly react to crisis situations. The analysis of EUROGENDFOR’s capabilities together with positive appraisal of organisation’s involvement in previous missions show that EUROGENDFOR makes an efficient tool for international crisis management that can be used by European Union or other international organisations.


Key words: European Gendarmerie Force, gendarmerie, foreign missions, security gap,disinformation


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