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Príspevok Silvia Berlusconiho k transformácii stredopravicových strán a hnutí v Taliansku



Ivan Šuša


Politické vedy, Volume 17, Number 1/2014, pages 8-25

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ŠUŠA, I. 2014. Príspevok Silvia Berlusconiho k transformácii stredopravicových strán a hnutí v Taliansku. In Politické vedy. [online]. Roč. 17, č. 1, 2014. ISSN 1335 – 2741, s. 163-177. Dostupné na internete: <>.



The aim of this study is to describe the contribution of Italian politic, ex-prime minister, businessman and owner of principal privat medias S. Berlusconi to leadership of right-wing political space in Italian party system after year 1993. The party and political system before 1993 was characterized by activities and governs of tradicional political parties – Cristian democracy (Democrazia Cristiana) and Socialist party (Partito Socialista Italiano). The author analyses Berlusconi´s political acitivity from year 1994 (after corruption scandal Tangentopoli) until 2013 with the particural accent on his political parties and coalitions – The Forza Italia Political Moviment (Forza Italia), House of Freedom (Casa della libertà) and People of Freedom (Popolo della libertà). The study is based mainly on relevant political and scientific Italian sources (G. Sartori, G. Pasquino, A. Amadori etc.) and  expresses a special interess about „new“ policy of S Berlusconi (Forza Italia with other parties in coalition – National Alliance – Alleanza nazionale of G. Fini and Lega Nord of U. Bossi). In June 2013 Berlusconi announced the upcoming revival of Forza Italia. The new Forza Italia was launched on 18 September 2013.


Key words: party system, political system, Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, right wing parties

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