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Mírové smlouvy v mezinárodních vztazích. (K problematice kritérií a systematizace)



Zdeněk Veselý


Politické vedy, Volume 27, Number 1/2024, pages 108-128


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VESELÝ, Z. 2024. Mírové smlouvy v mezinárodních vztazích. (K problematice kritérií a systematizace. In Politické Vedy. Vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 108-128. ISSN 1335 – 2741. Available at:



The subject of this study is the issue of peace treaties, which are among the most important diplomatic acts and documents in international relations. Peace treaties represent one of the most important types of international treaties. They are an integral part of the couple relationship of peace and war. Their basic specificity is the fact that, on the one hand, they confirm the end of the war conflict and, on the other hand, establish measures and rules for the subsequent relations between the participants in the conflict. In contrast to the prevailing approach, which deals with this issue from the point of view of international law, the author approached the issue on the basis of historical analysis and comparison. His goal was to establish criteria and, based on this, systematize the most important peace treaties concluded in the course of the history of international relations. The author came to determine a total of six intertwining main models of peace treaties: 1. victory of one side over the other, 2. parties exhausted each other and none won, 3. only one of the stages of the war was ended, 4. participation in the conflict ended with a peace treaty only some parties, 5. number of parties involved, 6. content aspect of the treaty. Following this, the author also paid attention to other related problems. Specifically, these are the ratification and observance of peace treaties, accompanying and follow-up contractual arrangements, the extent and degree of punishment of the defeated party, and treaties intended to prevent conflict. The purpose of the study was to create a conceptual and systematically anchored framework for further research on this important part of international relations and diplomacy.

Key words: Armistrice, Conflict, Diplomacy, International Relations, Peace, Peace Treaty, War

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